Julie Ridola


I am a Norwegian artist and have been living in Scotland since 2016.

Inspired by the enigma of nature and also by my cultural Scandinavian background, my paintings are an attempt to grasp the magic that is all around us. The beauty in all living creatures, the light through a forest, the strength in a storm and the roaring sea, all give me a passion to express my feelings of profound connections to it all. The primitive forms and shapes I see in stones and rocks never fail to intrigue me. These conversation are shown in my work. It connects me to my heritage and underpins my sense of history and it also gives me a language to communicate with the world. This understanding has developed from prosesses through earlier work.

If a tree - how does it FEEL to be a tree ?

It is my hope that you will find something in my paintings that resonates with you.


My works are abstract and can have a level of animistic representation. I try to leave room for mystery, imagination, life force and possibility. They often contain layers on layers of stories until they settle down into a final resolution. As a result they are different from each other. I use acrylic and oil paint on canvas or board. Sometimes other media like crayons, charcoal and textiles may throw themselves into the creation of a new painting as well. I like contrasts between the spontanious and the deliberate. I search for the origin, the hidden, the strong ,the kind, the subtle and the obvious, the playful and the immediate and above all- colours and light and energy.




Norwegian Pedagogical Academy with Art and Design as majors.
Diploma of Art Therapy from Institut for Art Therapy in Denmark
Private tutoring in painting in Norway and private studies in Norway, France and Great Britain. 


My paintings have been shown in Norway and UK and have been sold to Norway, Great Britain and America.